Financial Crisis Drives Overnight Traffic Increase on and


Financial Crisis Drives Overnight Traffic Increase on and
Specialty job boards experience 30 percent increase as employees seek alternative job opportunities

North Miami Beach, FL (Oct 20, 2008) As the financial meltdown became clear on October 6, many employees rushed to find new career opportunities in the retail and distribution/transportation industries. On this date, and marked a dramatic and sustained traffic increase of more than 30%.

Over the past nine years, job seeker traffic on both job boards has maintained a steady growth, with a 3% to 5% increase each month. However, immediately following the news of the proposed financial bailout, traffic increased overnight from 35,000 to more than 45,000 visitors per day and has continued at this new plateau. is the #1 job board for retail careers and is the #1 board for distribution and transportation professions.

The sudden spike in traffic to these industry-specialized job boards is no accident. Manufacturing, supply chain, transportation, and retail companies, which rely on consumer credit to buy their products, are increasingly susceptible to a severe downturn in business and growth during an economic crisis. With the severe credit crunch propelling thousands of American companies toward an uncertain future, employees face a challenging dilemma – how to gain reassurance in their job security and continue to seek professional advancement in these uncertain times. For many, this means pursuing a safer position before being uprooted from their current job foundation.

“As the unemployment rate and job security concerns continue to rise, an explosion of qualified candidates are entering the market seeking a stable employment alternative,” said Don Firth, President of and “Fortunately, most major retailers and logistics companies post their jobs on our job boards, giving qualified candidates the best variety of new jobs to choose from.”

“In turn,” he added, “the marked increase in the number of experienced retail, logistics, transportation and manufacturing job seekers offers companies an opportunity to hire the best candidates for future growth.”

Heather Castillo
Marketing and Operations Manager
Phone: 877-562-7678

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